Connections, the Social Landscape & Our Recovery

Like most of us in Recovery, I haven’t been to the Rooms in what seems like forever. As much as the Zoom, Face Time, and Facebook Live groups keep us socially and spiritually fed, there is something missing.The one thing from these gatherings that, for me, “made the meal”.

The Hugs and the Handshakes

There are few things in life quite like the fist pound, the chest bump, the embrace of a fellow addict/alcoholic. Someone who, like you, has found or may even still be searching for that connection to that which is greater than ourselves. It is said, that the opposite of Addiction, is Connection, and in my experience, connection is the main course. It is the meat and potatoes which feed my spiritual life.

CO-vid-eo Era

After the novelty of video meetings started to wear thin, the FOMO started to creep in. At first, I couldn’t put a finger on what was missing, and why I was found wanting. Just a few days ago, the answer came to me. During our evening dog walking, my wife and I came upon a neighbor who, before the CO-video meeting era, would have inevitably held us verbally hostage on the sidewalk. As we quietly prepared our negotiations and outright escape tactics, this fully gloved and masked neighbor drug their 3 dogs across the street as if on a collision course with a Leper colony. I realized in that moment what was missing. A hug, a simple embrace. I haven’t hugged, or been hugged, by anyone other than her and our child in nearly two months. This was the small void which no Skype call could bridge: I missed hugging my brothers and sisters in Recovery.
With that said, let me give some love to those who, in the face of pandemic induced fear, mandated lock downs, and social distancing have put heads and hearts together to find caring and creative ways for those of us in Recovery to stay connected. Bravo!

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