“We administer evidence-based treatments, observe their effectiveness, and alter treatments for consistent improvement and increased quality of care.”

Derek Rowan is the President of Simple Promise Farms. Derek has a long history of saving lives and assessing the effectiveness of treatments. He’s worked as a paramedic, a registered nurse, and a trainer in advanced life support.

Today Derek’s in charge of making data-driven treatment choices for patient care.

As a Director of Nursing, his job is to assess treatment outcomes. These assessments measure the effect of both science-based treatments and patient perceptions of care. By monitoring all aspects of treatment, Derek raises the bar for applying effective treatment plans.

A human-centered approach to treatment that works.

As a nurse, Derek understands what families go through when experiencing trauma. He has also experienced first-hand the effects of addiction on his own family. He wants to apply his expertise to develop evidence-based solutions to addiction treatment because it hits so close to home.

Derek’s science-based healthcare training informs our treatment development and administration. His analyst role helps us identify what’s working and what isn’t.

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