“There’s got to be a better way to support families & young people.”

Brandon Guinn is the Founder of Ranch House Recovery and Simple Promise Farms. He’s also the Executive Director of Simple Promise Farms and its Board Secretary. That may seem like a lot, but there’s a reason he’s putting all his energy into helping others achieve long-term sobriety.

Supporting your child for 10 years of using, getting clean, and relapsing teaches you a lot about the recovery process. You get an insider’s view of those in recovery, and those who love them. Brandon has been through many treatment programs, and many more treatment modalities as a parent of an addict.

Over the years of treatment, Brandon has observed a huge divide between the kids in recovery and their parents. He wanted to see more empathy, trust, and healing. He began to think about building a place where people came together to build healthy communities.

Brandon started to brainstorm ways to rebuild lost and damaged connections.

At the core of his vision was a simple belief —you’ve got to make a difference early on. Proper intervention in early adulthood can set up the right habits for life. Young people must learn to be adults in a setting that promotes character building and community building. They need to develop the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual tools that promote long-term sobriety.

He started to research the possibilities for making his vision real.

Non-profit, for-profit, animal rescue, animal-assisted therapy, farm therapy, beekeeping, which one? Then it hit him — we should do them all.

He researched therapies that worked and concluded that a multiple-modality, individualized approach was best. He was also convinced that life skills practice, community building, and fun had to be a part of the program. Those in recovery and their families needed to learn to manage sobriety and to connect in meaningful ways.

That’s when Ranch House Recovery and Simple Promise Farms were conceived.

Living together, working together, practicing the 12-steps, finding what works for each unique individual, and building something that matters — these aspects were key.

Brandon knew the recovery community was essential. He admired the power of their empathy and willingness to support each other. He believed whole-heartedly that community was fundamental to long-term sobriety.

From his years in construction, he knew the pride of building something, looking at his progress at the end of each day, and sharing that with his team. It was a powerful way to gain a sense of purpose and connection. 

The vision began to take shape.

Brandon went out and inspired others to get connected. He wrote the business plan and gathered his skilled and experienced team.

His vision became a residential home and a working farm. His team decided to integrate many successful therapies. They agreed that experiencing the pride of ownership and building something was vital. They thought about ways to include families and the community. They developed opportunities for recovery work, helping others, and having fun together.

The partnership between Ranch House Recovery and Simple Promise Farms became the answer. 

A home for intense personal growth and a farm for connecting to purpose. A curriculum with regular assessments to support long-term sobriety. Activities where families join in the fun and celebration, as well as in the therapy and the work. He’s built it, it’s here.

Building on the vision has been hard work, but it’s hard work worth doing.

Brandon’s family knows the work and commitment of supporting sobriety in a loved one. They’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of going through the process. They also know healing begins with the right interventions. Ranch House Recovery and Simple Promise Farms offer the connection-building interventions that support long-term sobriety.

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