Skyler Eades

Program Director

Skyler Eades is a proud member, gym instructor, and Program Director of Ranch House Recovery, where he thrives in the ability to help men find authenticity, solidarity, and a path to sobriety. Skyler strives to bring the level of dedication and understanding to the men that walk through the doors of Ranch House that is necessary for them to feel heard and be provided with a safe space to grow in their own recovery through the 12 steps of AA. A former client of Ranch House, Skyler understands the impact that good leadership, accountability, and guidance can do for men in early recovery.

Skyler’s greatest joy in recovery is seeing the same happiness begin to grow inside of another man in the same way he experienced through the hard work and fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous. It brings absolute joy to Skyler when he is able to witness a person crawl out of the dark despair that addiction throws us into, and come out on the other side healthy and happy. His direct accountability paired with compassion and understanding helps fuel the fire of change in these men’s lives.

Skyler is a father of one, a husband, and avid fitness enthusiast. He enjoys spending time with his family, works on the board of directors for the non profit Not A Glum Lot, and loves building relationships with others in recovery. His hobbies and passions include bodybuilding, disc golf, spending time on the water. The discipline he has found in his fitness pursuits radiates in the way he stays disciplined to bring his absolute best to Ranch House Recovery on a daily basis, in order to provide the highest level of care and understanding for men seeking sobriety.