We create life experiences that increase the chances of long term sobriety.

Our multi-faceted approach is centered around applying spiritual principles through the 12 steps. We integrate these spiritual principles with taking care of the mind and body. Finally, we build community and character through physical work in an outdoor environment.

We share our property with Ranch House Recovery, our residential facility. We also offer volunteer opportunities to the greater recovery community. Our unique approach treats the whole person, and sets them up with the life skills they need to stay sober.

Below are just a few of the unique therapies that set us apart.

Sweat Lodge

Releasing all mental, physical, and spiritual impurities to embrace sobriety.

The act of entering the sweat lodge starts a process of mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual release. Releasing toxins and sweating out impurities cleanses the mind, the body, and the spirit.

As we begin to feel completely clean, we feel free, and become focused on the freedom of staying clean and sober.

Animal-Assisted Therapy

Animals release us from addiction’s isolation and safely allow us to reconnect.

Rescued animals help us learn to build healthy, caring relationships. While training is overseen by contracted trainers, Ranch House Recovery residents run the day to day training. Caring for and training rescues promotes healing bonds with the animals.

By taking a moral responsibility to care for homeless, abused, neglected, and abandoned animals, our residents learn to be responsible, and to love and care again.

Therapeutic Farming

A sense of accomplishment, our place in the community, and the satisfaction of hard work.

Much like recovery, work at the farm is never done. The animals require feeding, training, and care. Vegetable harvests require dedicated commitment. Selling at the local farmer's markets requires people skills and self-awareness.

Our farm is a loving, caring, and fun environment. Young people addicted to drugs and alcohol fear that a sober life means never having fun again. Connecting through work and having fun together expels those fears.


Re-connecting to the world by making a genuine contribution.

Producing honey to sell at farmer's markets encourages connection and responsibility. Connecting people to nature, each other, and the economy makes beekeeping therapy a good fit for recovering addicts.

Caring for the bees, making a quality product, and selling our product to customers supports self-esteem, life skills, and community connection.

Fitness & Wellness

Exercise helps the body and brain heal faster and reduces anxiety and stress.

Research shows that exercise boosts the immune system, and restores a healthy balance to brain chemicals. As physical health is restored, and the body grows stronger, the mind heals.

Exercise elevates mood, creates a positive relationship with our healthy body, and eventually becomes a good habit that we don’t want to break.

The 12-steps

Communities that provide support and responsibility to help us recover from compulsive, damaging behaviors.

Practicing the 12-steps’ spiritual and community-building principles supports long-term sobriety. Participating in a community where there is no judgment, but instead support and understanding, helps us feel encouraged to keep showing up.

Participating in a program that emphasizes personal responsibility helps us work to maintain healthy relationships and sobriety. The 12-steps reinforce sobriety by allowing us to be who we are, but also help us find support in community.

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