PRESS RELEASE: Ranch House Recovery and Simple Promise Farms Featured in New Documentary “Recovering America”

PRESS RELEASE: Ranch House Recovery and Simple Promise Farms Featured in New Documentary "Recovering America"

Get ready for an eye-opening event moderated by Dr. Drew Pinsky as Robert F. Kennedy Jr. hosts the “Recovering America” livestream, tackling America’s addiction crisis head-on. This powerful documentary and panel discussion will feature some of the leading voices in addiction recovery, offering fresh perspectives and innovative solutions.

Showcasing Innovative Addiction Recovery Programs and Inspiring Success Stories

[Austin, TX, June 20th, 2024] – Ranch House Recovery and Simple Promise Farms are thrilled to announce their prominent feature in the highly anticipated documentary “Recovering America.” Directed by the acclaimed filmmakers Robert Campos and Donna LoCicero, the documentary takes a deep dive into the lives of those struggling with addiction and highlights the groundbreaking recovery programs helping them rebuild their lives.

About the Documentary

“Recovering America” is a compelling film that addresses the addiction crisis in the United States, focusing on the real-life experiences of individuals in recovery. Through intimate interviews, real-time footage, and moving narratives, the documentary brings to light the incredible resilience of those fighting addiction and the vital role of recovery programs like Ranch House Recovery and Simple Promise Farms.

Ranch House Recovery: A Beacon of Hope

Ranch House Recovery, founded by Brandon Guinn, stands out in the documentary for its holistic and compassionate approach to addiction treatment. The center offers a wide array of programs aimed at tackling the root causes of addiction, blending traditional therapies with innovative treatments. The documentary features powerful success stories and testimonials, highlighting the transformative impact of Ranch House Recovery’s programs on individuals’ lives.

Simple Promise Farms: Cultivating Change

Simple Promise Farms, in partnership with Ranch House Recovery, offers a unique therapeutic setting where recovery is nurtured through a connection with nature. The documentary showcases the farm’s therapeutic farming activities, which give participants a sense of purpose and achievement. The film highlights key moments and personal stories from the farm, demonstrating the profound effect of this innovative approach on the recovery process.

Panel Discussion Insights

“Recovering America” also includes a thought-provoking panel discussion featuring Brandon Guinn. The discussion covers crucial topics such as the significance of personalized treatment plans, the importance of community support, and the innovative strategies used by Ranch House Recovery and Simple Promise Farms. The panel provides valuable insights into the multifaceted nature of addiction recovery and the need for comprehensive, compassionate care.

Watch "Recovering America"

We encourage everyone to watch “Recovering America” to gain a deeper understanding of the addiction recovery journey. The documentary is a powerful testament to human resilience and the transformative power of dedicated recovery programs.

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About Ranch House Recovery

Ranch House Recovery is committed to offering holistic and compassionate care to individuals battling addiction. Our programs are designed to support each person at every stage of their recovery, providing a variety of therapies and treatments tailored to their unique needs.

About Simple Promise Farms

Simple Promise Farms integrates therapeutic farming activities into the recovery process, providing participants with a unique and healing environment. Our programs are rooted in the principles of therapeutic farming, offering individuals a sense of purpose and fulfillment during their recovery journey.

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