About Us


At Ranch House Recovery, our mission is to positively change the life trajectory for men struggling with addiction and alcoholism by breaking out of the traditional treatment model and facilitating a unique experience in a transformative space in order to encourage long-term sobriety.


Ranch House Recovery, a unique culture of service that builds better men, where growth is a mainstay and recovery is a reality.

At Ranch House, we envision a recovery environment where both our staff and clients authentically connect to themselves, community, and their ecosystem in order to discover a sense of belonging, purpose, and spirituality.



To us, a healthy and thriving community is made up of people who are dedicated to each other’s growth, learning, and transformation through vulnerability and consistent support.


We step outside of traditional educational and informational recovery practices and value cooperative, interactive, and somatic techniques that support physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Personalized Mindful Healing

Our healing-centered model recognizes that recovery is not one size fits all. Through a culture of joy, love, compassion, and mindfulness, we can personalize the ways we support the potential of every individual client.


Throughout our entire organization, we practice and exemplify authenticity. We believe the act of holding oneself accountable to living openly, vulnerably, and in alignment with one’s true self is a gateway to transformation and personal liberation.

Meet The Team

Brandon Guinn


Jonathon Stewart

Director of ABD

Sami Ouda, RSPS

Executive Director

Alexandra Litke, RSPS

Administrative Director

Jack Provost

Operations Manager and Personal Trainer

Skyler Eades

Program Director

Cody Cash


Jay Spitzer


We’re here to help you live happy, joyous, and free