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Mindfully Practicing Life Skills for Long-term Recovery

Long periods of sobriety can be followed by a relapse. But relapse doesn’t have to be inevitable. By working to transform key relationships and developing habits that work, the chance of relapse can be reduced.

Learning to love and respect ourselves. 

Our individualized treatment plans include self-assessment for healthy self-awareness. As we understand what helps us maintain sobriety, we begin to own our recovery process. Practicing effective self-assessment empowers us to change course when we need to, increasing the odds that our sobriety lasts.

Maintaining sobriety through life skills, fun, and helping others.

We focus on healing from trauma and shame, within ourselves and with those who love us. We practice receiving help and giving help to those who need it. 

Our mission is long-term recovery founded in total life transformation, built by practicing positive choices and positive habits day in and day out.

Meet the Team

Charles Mitchell

Executive Director, Ranch House Recovery

Before Chuck came to us, he managed staff and clients, business operations, and facilities development.

As Residential Housing Manager and Tech Supervisor for Recovery unplugged, Chuck managed facilities, technology, staff, programming, and client recovery progress. He helped develop and run their Detox Facility as well.

As Recovery Manager/RCT Supervisor for The Arbor Extended Care, Chuck managed operations, staff, family communication, and marketing activities.

Before entering the world of Recovery, Chuck was a Field Service Technician for FairfieldNodal. At FairfieldNodal Chuck supported salesman and marketers, trained multiple large technician crews, and managed supervisors.

Brandon Guinn

Founder, Ranch House Recovery

As President, Brandon owned and operated Red E Construction, serving both commercial and residential markets. He managed new construction and remodels. He has over 10 years of experience in planning, managing, and executing new construction, home renovation, and remodeling projects.

He’s also a franchise owner of Fit Kids America, an after school enrichment programs that make fitness fun.

Brandon has also worked for Austin Independent School District as a Special Education Teacher.

As a Fitness Director for Gold’s gym, Brandon outlined particular fitness programs that best fit his client’s current and future needs.

Brandon’s motivation for founding RHR comes from his experience as a parent affected by his child’s addiction.

Derek Rowan

Board President, Simple Promise Farms

As a Director of Nursing at Austin Premier Surgery Center, Derek assesses treatment outcomes and monitors all aspects of treatment.

At Arise Healthcare, Derek held the Director of Quality and Risk position where he was responsible for quality programs and maintaining state, federal and Joint Commission regulatory compliance.

Derek also spends his time investing in the next generation of healthcare providers. As a Training Center Coordinator and Part-time Faculty member at Austin Community College, Derek instills a passion for delivering excellence in quality of care in healthcare students.

Derek’s own experience having addiction affect his family life has inspired him to apply his expertise to our individualized treatment plans.


A Long-term Recovery Lifestyle

We commit to a transformation that leads to a fulfilling life. We practice healthy behaviors that replace destructive behaviors. Our families reunite. We see broken relationships mend. Our lives are functionally healthy, lived responsibly and committed to daily practice.

Sober living feels meaningful.

We enjoy our lives, and are proud of managing them well. Observing our accomplishments motivates us to keep going. We have regained our self-worth through work and community. We have a spiritual connection to a greater purpose and sense of freedom in sobriety. We feel so good, we want to share this opportunity with others.


Individualized and Structured Treatment Plans Strengthen Long-Term Sobriety

Evidence-based therapies DO work, but not every evidence-based therapy works for every person. That’s why Ranch House Recovery takes a data-centered, individualized approach to recovery.

Recovery plans must be structured around the individual. Building regular assessments into the plan ensures the best treatment at each stage. Regular measurement identifies what’s working, and accelerates dropping treatments no longer needed.

Effective disease management requires treating the whole person—mind, body, and spirit. Long-term recovery requires a broad skillset for managing all aspects of a sober life.

Meaningful and Enjoyable Family Involvement is Critical

The families of those in recovery have their own trauma from the effects of addiction. Destructive communication patterns and dysfunctional relationships have often become the norm. With education, family therapy, and opportunities for fun, families can heal, then thrive.

Shame and mistrust transform into pride and joy when families take an active role.

When families help the individual build their new life, everyone feels welcome and safe. Everyone can learn to reach out in love and manage sobriety together. Long-term recovery depends on this support.

Being Sober is Fun with the Right Community

We build in community right from the start. Learning to have fun in non-destructive ways is intrinsic to staying sober. We provide opportunities to have fun with the family, the greater recovery community, and the general public. Once our residents learn to have fun being sober, they will find sobriety easier to maintain for a lifetime.

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