Sami Ouda, RSPS

Executive Director

Sami Ouda, our esteemed Executive Director at Ranch House Recovery, plays a pivotal role in guiding men on their recovery journey. His commitment to creating a supportive environment is evident in his meticulous management of day-to-day operations, including intake coordination, staff training, and client discharge procedures. Sami’s journey at Ranch House began as an overnight tech, a role from which he rose through unwavering dedication and hard work, embodying the true spirit of resilience and growth.

As a certified Peer Recovery Support Specialist with the Texas Certification Board, Sami brings a wealth of knowledge and personal experience to his role. His core values of reliability, integrity, and open-mindedness shape his approach, ensuring he serves as a consistent, honest, and adaptable role model. He believes in the power of staying true to one’s word, prioritizing clients’ best interests, and maintaining an eagerness to learn and grow.

Beyond his professional life, Sami cherishes the joys of fatherhood and the continuous learning it brings. He is also actively pursuing a degree in Social Work, furthering his commitment to helping others. In his leisure time, Sami is an avid golfer and a passionate Liverpool FC fan. He finds relaxation in playing soccer and cherishes moments spent with his family and partner.

Sami’s aspiration is to continue inspiring clients at Ranch House Recovery, supporting them through their recovery journey, and helping them stay connected and committed to their sobriety in the long term.

He proudly identifies as a person in recovery.